For the last 4 years, we have worked with teams and brands and after hearing the same issues pop up time and again – wasted promotions, low attendance to events, brand awareness and an overall lack of fan data – we decided to do something about it.

SuperFanU was born from necessity. We saw teams and brands struggling to connect with their fans, wasting money on expensive promotions and t-shirt giveaways, never getting anything in return. With this program, we’ve given the power back to the teams and brands. You can make fans earn their prizes while still incentivizing them to attend events, and lower your promotional costs. You can get fan data handed to you by the fans themselves, and find out what sports they’re most likely to attend.

We’re changing the way your team can communicate with fans. Are you ready to be part of the revolution? Call us today at 502.442.2760 or and schedule a demo.


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"SuperFanU, Inc. has allowed us to launch a mobile application geared directly at informing and rewarding our loyal fans. We have seen an increase in attendance at our home athletic events thus far, and the ease of operating the application has truly benefited both us and the many users."

Kelly O'NeilAssistant Athletic Director for Marketing and Promotions

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